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In 1974, Ste Josons s.a.r.l was established when the late Joseph Abi Semaan decided to leave a mark in the hunting market. Having faced the country’s troubled years of war and Joseph Abi Semaan’s passing in 1986, JOSONS faced many obstacles that eventually made it stronger. Following the father’s passing, the business was handed over to his family. Being currently managed by its third generation, JOSONS is constantly offering its customers highest quality products and services. Our showrooms are overflowing with product-savvy people who have a passion for hunting and are driven by the outdoorsy inspiration. JOSONS operates its own factory (Joe Sons Factory), manages the Lebanese Army Shooting Club (the LASC), and has its own brands JOSONS, SHOOT, and FIRE. Being the middle-eastern hunting market leader and the official distributor of BERETTA, JOSONS is currently on amass mode and is working on acquiring more exclusivities for multi-national companies, as well as amplifying its position both on retail and wholesale levels.



The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences; hence, there is no greater joy than having an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun. Do not settle down and sit in one place. Move around, be nomadic, make each day a new horizon. It would be a shame if you did not take the opportunity to revolutionize your life and move into an entirely new realm of experience. Joy does not emanate only nor principally from human relationships. God has placed it all around us. It is in everything and anything we might experience. We just need to have the courage to turn against our habitual lifestyle and engage in unconventional living. So break your everyday routine; isolate yourself from the noises and disturbances of civilization, gather your friends and make your getaway into the wild.

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Emporium Center 797
Main Road
Rabieh, Lebanon
Tel: +961 4 444 294

Sixth floor, Hatem Building, Main Road
1200-2070 Lebanon
P.O. Box: 767
Tel:  +961 9 644 444
Fax: +961 9 914 217

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  • JOUNIEH The Showroom


Being a pioneer in the Lebanese hunting world and a company many hunters and outdoor-lovers depend on, JOSONS has created a brand that holds the name of its father Joseph Abi Semaan. JOSONS was built according to high standards and delivers superior quality that will undoubtedly amplify your experience in hunting as well as outdoor activities.


It is by nature that a man’s spirit thrives for adventure. Mankind is curious, likes to enjoy life and is always at the pursuit of happiness.

Surely, when your lifestyle is governed by routine, you meet no risks and this may lead you to satisfaction. However, the feeling of fulfilment comes by being itinerant, by breaking your routine and daring to try new things every day.

Josons believes that a man must sometimes take a break away from the ordinary, put work, technology and the problems of everyday life aside and enjoy what nature has to offer. Nothing is more exciting, the exploration is endless and knows no boundaries!

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In 2009, JOSONS saw the opportunity to expand its horizon by creating what is now known as the Lebanese Army Shooting Club, in Mar Roukoz, Dekwaneh. An opening event was held that year on the 12th of November, under the patronage of the Lebanese Army Commander General Jean Kahwaji, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Rahma Hussein el Zahabi, Internal Security Forces Major General Ashraf Rifi, President of the Lebanese Shooting Federation Professor Ziad Richa and several high rank officers and well known civil personalities. The LASC was built with high levels of international craftsmanship and perfection; it employs high-end technologies to offer shooters the best experience there is while also aiming to develop personal shooting skills and training to aim and fire accurately. LASC constantly thrives to maximize its collection, giving shooters the opportunity to try a wide variety of pistols and machine guns of different calibers. With its ten 25-meter-long lanes built with worldwide professional standards, LASC is set to host both military and civilian shooters as well as professional competitions.



Meet the trigger, it has an amazing language of its own, it communicates the way a person feels about their target. Whether you are angry, depressed, happy or inspired, pulling the trigger helps you express your feelings and let off steam. The experience of shooting allows individuals to unleash the art of precision and strategy hidden in them. It permits you to forget about what has been tormenting you all day and increases your level of adrenaline when the smell of gunpowder emerges and the sound of copper bullets hits the floor.

So when you feel the need to visit another world and to express yourself, do it the LASC way.



Lebanese Army Shooting Club, Mar Roukoz, Dekwaneh

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  • AKSU M74



In the beginning, FIRE was just a brand of cartridges that JOE SONS FACTORY created to better serve the hunting world. It was loved by hunters all across Lebanon and was so successful that, JOSONS decided to establish a company based on its name. FIRE is now the sole distributor of JOE SONS FACTORY cartridges and differs from other cartridge distributors by the premium quality it provides and by always reminding hunters to respect nature.



FIRE is the sole distributor of all Joe Sons Factory cartridges:


The wide variety FIRE offers is one of the reasons for the success of this company. It is the provider of what makes your shotgun ready to fire.

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In 2005, JOSONS saw the opportunity to launch a new brand into the market, a brand that would enhance the outdoors experience, mainly camping and hiking. The main purpose of our brand SHOOT is to provide high quality camping and hiking gear with affordable prices. We believe that everyone who has a passion should have the facilities to live it to the fullist. We produce and test thoroughly all SHOOT's products, providing the best quality, performance and diverse products to suit the needs of the outdoors lovers. .



It is five o’clock in the morning, you just slided into your cozy sleeping bag after an overnight around the bonefire, having fun and enjoying life to the fullest with your friends. You slowly recap and remember the small moments full of happiness that happened during your time together while staring at the ceiling of your tent, lightly litten from the sunrising sun. Before you know it, you're awakened by some of your friends - the ones who excused themselves early the night before. You're tired. But blissfully tired. You still want to sleep, but the adrenaline in your body is urging you to get up and take advantage of the beautiful journey that awaits you in the center of the wild. You get up and have your coffee easily, thanks to an easy-to-use stove and a shock free mug, that helps not having a catastrophy that ruins the day.


This is only a description of a small part of an outdoors experience, and only with this, the urge to go and camp has gone through your mind.

This is the best stress relief that can happen to a human being and it's a fundamental way to stay healthy in a world where pollution and huge responsibilities collide.


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In 1993, the Abi Semaan brothers saw a shared vision of pushing the Lebanese Hunting World to the next level by delivering high quality cartridges.


Being hunters themselves, the brothers saw the need to better the gunpowder experience in hunting and to inspire hunters all over Lebanon and the world.


JOSONS’ industrial company was born on the 29th of April, 1993, and is specialized in the production of hunting cartridges of different calibers in accordance with International Standards.

The cartridges are subject to computer and ballistic tests to ensure customers are provided with the highest quality.


 All JOE SONS FACTORY products proudly carry the “Made in Lebanon’’ label.



You always hear the sentence “Would a hunter go on a hunting adventure without a shotgun?” Well how good is a shotgun with no cartridges? JOE SONS FACTORY not only allows hunters to load their shotguns, but also invests a lot in R&D to always improve and provide its customers with the best.

Hunters know what other hunters need, so we as hunters and manufacturers of hunting cartridges, will always provide you with what exceeds your expectations.

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